Frequently asked questions

Are you in contact with the owner during the delivery?
Yes, we will always try to keep you advised of our progress, either through our staff onshore, or directly via mobile where there is sufficient signal. We  also offer a satellite tracking and messaging service.

Is a recent survey needed?
No. However if a recent survey is available we would like to see it.  We will provide a vessel check sheet for you to complete when you mak a booking with us so that we know what to expect when we arrive at the boat.

Does the boat need to be insured?
Yes. However if the vessel has no insurance we are able to arrange insurance for the duration of the voyage with a recent full survey.  In addition, all our skippers carry their own Skippers Liability Insurance which covers them and the crew against negligence.

What safety equipment should be provided on the boat?
As we are unable to fly with compressed air cannisters, we do require that sufficient numbers of life vests are provided in addition to an in-date flare pack and a life raft suitable for the planned passage and number of crew on board.  We will provide a vessel check sheet for you to complete and return to us so that we can be sure of the equipment you have on board prior to our arrival.

How many hours are made underway each day?
With 3 crew we will usually run 24/7, if it is safe to do so, just stopping for fuel and the occasional rest day.  Otherwise we will typically plan around 5 days between stops.  We will typically only sail through the night in highly trafficked waters if there is fully operational radar or AIS on board, or the Delivery Skipper believes it is safe to do so.

What happens if the vessel becomes unseaworthy or incapable of continuing safely?
We will call into the closest port and contact the owner to discuss options.

What happens if repairs are needed along the way?
We will carry out any repairs within our capabilities while underway. Otherwise we will contact the owner, obtain competitive quotes from our suppliers locally and supervise the work if required.  If our progress is delayed by the need for repairs, we will charge 75% of our daily crew rate plus a daily provisions fee.

Am I charged for weather delays?
No. If we deem the weather unsuitable, we will pull into port or anchor until it is safe to continue.

Do you provide a trip log at completion?
Yes. A detailed log will be kept for the duration of the trip and a copy provided for your records. We will also provide a report on any observations we have made about your yacht’s condition and performance during the course of the passage.